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Combs Insurance Agency offers a wide range of Life Insurance products and options ranging from Whole Life to Term Life, Single Life to Joint Life, and Universal to Variable, Combs Insurance Agency has what you need to secure your peace of mind.

Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance provides permanent insurance protection for your long-term goals and your family's financial security needs. A Whole Life policy extends for the lifetime of the insured, as long as all payments are made to keep the policy in force. These premium payments remain the same for the life of the policy and are paid monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the policy.

Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance provides insurance protection for a specified period of time. Usually, you may choose between 1, 10, 15, 20 or 30-year term periods or coverage to a certain age.

Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance is designed to last the insured's lifetime and provide flexible life insurance protection, while helping build portfolio value…tax deferred. Like Whole Life policies, Universal Life policies seek to utilize life insurance tax advantages.

Variable Universal Life Insurance
Variable Universal Life Insurance draws upon the features of two types of cash value insurance­­—Universal Life and Variable Life. Like Universal Life, Variable Universal Life incorporates flexible premium payments, an adjustable death benefit and death benefit options.